Hey! I am looking to buy a new saddle but and I was wondering which saddle is in your opinion the best?

If you have the money CWD
devoucoux all the way ! (for me )
voltaires are amazing! they break in so easily, are so comfortable and you can change your tree if you get a new horse! the leather is so supple and comfortable! 10/10 recommend
DK saddlery! Their saddles are truly amazing! A lot of people are saying CWD and I've ridden in a CWD before and honestly it's not as comfortable as a DK and I didn't feel as close to the saddle. I also prefer the leather on the DK and if you buy it fully new they're cheaper vs a CWD and it's fully custom like the CWD. They're also the #1 exporters to Europe for dressage saddles! I promise I'm not "sponsored" or something by DK I honestly just love, love their saddles!!! Western and English!!
i love wintec saddles
Voltaire, Tad Coffin, Cwd
CWD is the absolute best.
Antares all the way:)
I have a pessoa and love it. Ive had it for like 4 or 5 years and youd never know i bought it already used
I have an Antares saddle and love it. Before, I had a pessoa saddle, and if I hadn't outgrown it, i would have kept it because it was so comfortable. The only thing is that it became discolored and damaged quickly. My antares scratched incredibly easily. Honestly, if you can afford a high end saddle, a CWD or Devocoux are probably your best options!
I'm currently riding in my lease horses cwd, and as comfortable as it is, I genuinely like it just as much as the M Toulouse I was riding in before :)
Dk saddlery
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