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Opinion on CWD vs Antares vs Butet?

Opinion on CWD vs Antares vs Butet?
CWD for sure! I'm in love with their saddles!
CWD ;)
@elouisegarvin i'm a jumper:) but i also occasionally show in eq
CWD is life
CWD all the way I love mine !! It is so versatile I can use it on my 13.2 all the way to my blucking 17.2 and if fits all in between
Obviously for me is CWD 😝😌😉😉
I absolutely love my Cwd! I've had it for about a week and love it! I had an Antares pony saddle which was very comfortable and a great 2nd saddle for me. Are you a hunter or a jumper? Please let me know and I can help you
my first saddle was a butet, medium wide tree, & fit 99% of my horses. it is so so comfy, & is absolutely beautiful, such a classic looking saddle. my newest horse has a strange fit, so i bought him a custom cwd. . .it's great, fits him like a glove but was definitely a price jump. i have the 2gs and think it looks great in the jumpers, but whenever i take it into the hunter or eq ring, i always feel out of place lol! my friend has an antares and she loves it, just another classic looking saddle! you can't go wrong w any of them.
I love CWD saddles! My thoroughbred is a tough fit. And the CWD saddles work really well! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy!! 😁👍