I want to buy a new half pad, what do you prefer between EcoGold, Agility and Thinline?

I love thinline it molds to your horses back and you can get shims to add in
Thinline would be my recommendation.
i haven't tried ecogold or agility but i do have a thin line and it's amazing. it's great for wither relief too!
Ecogold! I've been using ecogold saddle pads and half pads for 7 years and I'm in love with them. I can instantly see the difference in the horse! Also the half pads are reversable so you can have one side a classic white for shows, and another side a spunky colour for at home!
THINLINE I love mine I can tell a difference when I use it verses my other half pad. It's amazing
Ecogold and thinline are the best in my opinion!
Thinline half pads are my first choice!
THINLINE! If your horses saddle fits good thinline is the only one that won't mess up the fit of your saddle but will still offer protection to your horses back! I swear by my thinline! I will never use another half pad!!
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