I ride this really frustrating horse and its gotten to the point were I am not enjoying riding and being stressed and frustrated. What can I do to maybe cope with this horse?

My advice is just if your getting frustrated just take a break let the horse walk and take a couple deep breaths. When you get tense and frustrated so will your horse. I had to do this a lot with my horse and we are making slow progress.
i totally understand what you're talking about. when i first got my horse he was very frustrating, the only advice i would have to give you is stay calm and ride it out. I've been doing this with mine for 3 years and we have hit a point where he is now responding to me and he's an angel! if you work with the horse it will get better i promise!!
Thanks for the tips! Asking for the canter is difficult because he rushes into it and when I try and pull him back he throws his head and gets upset. It's with walking to he does a little trot walk and whenever I pull him back he jerks his head, spins in a circle, and backs up
By frustrating I'm guessing you mean the horse is hard to work with. There's always a reason why a horse will not do as he is asked by the rider, and the reason will always be down to the rider.
Gain your horses respect through lots of groundwork, such as lunging, backing up, etc. It takes patience and determination, but the results you'll achieve are incredible and really do set you both up for success!
Ask yourself why he's being hard to work with. There's always a reason behind everything. Adjust yourself to the horses needs. Maybe you need to put more time into his education? Maybe he's sore somewhere? Maybe he's anxious and requires confidence from his rider?
As long as you take action now to avoid frustration by addressing the problem(s) directly you should be fine!
Hope this helps~
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