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Do you prefer straw or wood shavings and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Do you prefer straw or wood shavings and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Shavings is the best
Wood. Shavings last longer and it’s easier clean up. Quality of the stall in general I feel is nicer.
Wood shavings is the best it’s easy to scoop if you get the smaller shavings. Plus it absorb any bad odor. Wood shavings is also a lot cheaper.
Personally, I do adore straw due to the price, the volume of the bed per bale & it's a very good insulator BUT if the stable doesn't have drainage built in, the bed can get disgusting quickly & does leave a smell of urine on clothing.

I'm not a fan of wood shavings but I do use a form of flax and I wouldn't go back, highly absorbent, no smell, dries out in warm weather, quick breakdown on muck heap & easy to muck out.
Wood shavings all the way!! My horses love to roll in them!
Woods shavings
Wood shavings, easier to muck than straw and my horses don’t eat the shavings! Also my horses adore new shavings (they all roll in it and dig in it) so just as a treat ☺️
I dont know alot but i remember my trainer telling me that when one of her horses had to go to OSU for collic, his collic got even worse because he ate the straw, if your sure your horse wont eat the straw
I prefer straw and I don’t know why but my horse is more comfortable in straw
Wood shavings 100%! Easier to keep clean, more absorbent and I find straw really dusty
Straw in the winter, begging of spring and end of fall
And wood pellets in the summer
Wood shavings definitely because they are easier when you muck out
I like to make a mixture! I find if you take a bag of pellet bedding put it in the lowest spot or where they urinate the most. About a half inch thick then lightly wet it to open them up. After that I cover it up with medium sized flakes.
Wood shavings because they actually soak up pee well straw does not
Wood, but more like small chips than flake shavings. It's not dusty at all and is sooo easy to clean, while still making a nice fluffy, thick bed.
I prefer pellets! They last longer and it's easier to keep the bed clean and dry, for mares it's the best bed to have! I use a mix of pallets and wood shavings to keep the beds more fluffly!
I understand that straw is better for them, as they keep chewing all day, but a good amount of hay in the morning and in the afternoos lasts almost all day and it's way better nutritionally than straw..
Another disadvantage of straw is the smell if the beds are not always super clean.. With pallets or shavings that is not a problem!!
And for those who have grey/white horses (I have two, I know the pain of keeping them clean) pallets/shavings is so much easier, straw leaves yellow stains that are harder to get rid of!
Straw because it is easy to clean up
Wood is way more absorbent than straw and way easier to clean i use it and have been using it for my whole eight years of riding. So definitely wood