I am getting my first horse in two days! What was the first thing you did with your horse?

Walk them around the stables and groom! Spend some nice ground time with them and then the next day I rode
Groom and have a lesson then bathe him. He was a lesson borsr
Groom it and walk with it in the new "home"
When I first got my horse I groomed and talked to them
When I got my horse it was in the winter but I took him in the barn, took his blanket off and groomed him. After that we made up a stall for him and I just let him while he ate hay.
Lots of Pets and grazing
I haven't gotten my first horse yet, but I think I would definitely take lots of pictures and videos!! Those will be so great to look back at later on
When my first horse came, I put him in his new pen with fresh hay and water, then brushed him and got to know him
When she first got to my house I let her graze. Then I lead her around the house. I groomed her. Lastly I separated my sister's horse and her by putting them in different paddocks.
Lead her around to meet the other horses!!
I lead him around and let him graze!
Congratulations!! That must be so exciting! When my horse came, I lead him around my barn and let him nibble on some grass. That helped him relax. I also spent a lot of time grooming him and making him comfortable. I did this for about a week and then started to ride him lightly!
I hung out with him in the front yard while the other horses went crazy in the pasture over the new guy. I also rode around bareback a bit, groomed him, and gave him a bath.
What I did was I put her in a small paddock, let her roam around for a little while, gave her hay, then I tied her up in the paddock and then groomed her and took LOTS of pictures lol
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