I have never done a show before and this question may sound weird but: Do I wear my show clothes to the show or change into them after I get to the show? Thanks:) lol

I have a shot sleeve show shirt so I put a T shirt on top and pj pants in top! Hope u do well
@scarson1 true😂 And also thanks💚💚
I usually wear my show shirt and breeches, and then right before my class I put my boots and jacket on.
Change into them. You may get dirty before your classes
I usually wear my show clothes there and wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants over them and leave my show coat off until ready
Change into them so you don't get them dirty, because we all know horses get things dirty😄Good luck at your show
Change into them for sure! Just always get to the show 45 min at least in advance!
Really either. I've seen both. If your class is first thing in the morning, I would recommend wearing your show clothes to the show. If you don't show until later, you will probably get pretty dirty and will want to wait. However, if you have to do barn chores in the morning, definitely don't wear show clothes. I've made that mistake before and ended up showing with a big green spot on my breeches!
*it may sound stupid, not weird l
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