What is the best brand of helmet for the hunter ring?

Charles Owen
Charles Owen
hey skylar!
i show in the equitation & hunters usually, and i absolutely love my samshield! it is so worth the hype and really executes a stylish look, with as good as ventilation can really get. i know that for some people, samshield become quite pricey, so some good alternatives could be the charles owen jr8 (like $150?) which has no vents or the charles owen ayr8 ($400 or something w some vents). you'll see charles owen and samshield most commonly in the hunter show ring. good luck!
OneK is amazing, best ventilated helmet, unlike Charles Owen, with no vents. Also there is a velvet one and a matte one. I have the matte one, I see the majority of people wearing this at my shows, I really recommend. Isn't too expensive either.
Hi Skylar,
i know the Charles Owen looks amazing especially in the show ring i'm also a big fan of Dublin's helmets.
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