QOTD: Who is your favorite famous equestrian? Mine is Beezie Madden!

Tori Colvin
McLain Ward, Kent Farrington, Jessie Springsteen, Scott Brash, Marcus Ehning, Christian Ahlmann, Janne Meyer, Daniel Deusser, Edwina Tops, Simon Delestre, Maurice Tebbel
Chris Kappler and Margie Engle
Charlotte Dujardin and Bertram Allen 😊
Boyde Martin
lillie keenan, georgina bloomberg, and jessica springsteen :))))
Elisa Wallace and Karen O' Connor
Lillie Keenan, Kent Farrington, and Beezie!
@laurenkieffer she is my favorite, I have been obsessed with her
Rodigo Pessoa
Pessoa rodigo
McLain Ward for sure!
Omg same and Charlotte Dujardin!!❤❤
Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester ❤️❤️
Beezie or Georgina!
Reed Kessler ❤️
Mclain ward!
i've bet Beezie! she's soooo swee
Charlotte Dujardin❤❤❤😍
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