Can you wear half chaps at a jumper show?

I have never worn anything but until recently, but of course this was at a schooling show
Schooling shows this is 100% okay
I've definitely seen some riders wear chaps at a show and nobody said anything about it but it's definitely more clean and professional to wear tall boots
At least in Europe you can :)
I think u can if u want o
No, you can't wear paddock boots and chaps at shows. I know chaps are more comfortable than tall boots but I don't think shows allow that. If you're not sure then check the rule book for the show. Even if you were allowed to wear chaps I wouldn't because tall boots look a lot more professional.
Hope this helped!
I've worn half chaps at a rated show before. My tall boots broke right before my jumper round and I had to wear my chaps. Nobody is going to penalize you but it just doesn't look as nice, especially at a rated show.
Ues if it isn't rated if it is a rated show than no
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