My horse doesn't like it when I touch the area at the tip of his last rib. Any suggestions as to why he does this?

Maybe he gets aggressive with food it might upset him
He only gets upset if I touch him there when it's feed time, but the rest of the time he's fine. Any reasons why?
You should talk to a vet! If something is wrong, you need to get it checked before things get too bad if it's something terrible. Always consult a vet if you are unsure
Maybe is pain talk to the vet and see what is up!! Hope he is ok, keep us updated!!
Have the vet check it out!!
It might be he just doesn't like it but it's more likely to be pain in that region. Like Natalie said, a vet or chiropractor are advisable.
Sounds like pain. I would contact a vet or chiropractor
It a strong possibility he's in pain. My had a similar problem with his flank and it turned out to be kissing spin. But another thing is it could be he's still living with a previous trauma whether he was hit with a crop harshly or somehow got spurred there. Not saying you did it, it's just an idea.
It sounds like he's in pain, I would consult your vet as soon as possible!
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