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Which do you prefer: nylon, rope or leather halter and why?

Which do you prefer: nylon, rope or leather halter and why?
Leather all the way, can break off if the horse were to get loose and get caught on something
Depends on the horse. Rope for something where I need a bit more control, otherwise leather or nylon with a leather crownpiece.
I prefer leather for shows because they look nice, nylon for everyday use because they are easy to use and easy to clean. Then rope halters for riding in and training because they send a more clear signal to the horse.
I prefer leather halters because if your horse was ever to get caught on something, he will be able to break the leather and be free. Nylon and rope halters don't break so especially if you're leaving your horse's halter on when you turn him out make sure to have him in a leather halter or a breakaway. Plus a leasther halter looks really classy and professional.
I like all three but for different things. I like my nylon when I am just around my barn; I like my rope Halter when we are doing training; I like leather when traveling or at a show. Overall, ripe is my favorite because of how it looks and how light they are.
I enjoy rope halters for training. And use leather halters sometimes when my mare is in the pasture as they break easier than other types
I love the luxury look of leather, but in day to day life I use nylon
Rope! Never breaks, horse can feel you much better and is a great training tool!
I tend to use rope halter's when training. Nylon for everyday use. And sometimes leather for showing.
Rope halters are great for training, but for a horse who already knows how to be led, leather halters look really nice.
Leather: lasts longer, looks sharp!
Leather because I've found it holds up super well and looks nice.