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What discipline(s) do you ride and why?

What discipline(s) do you ride and why?
Jumping and dressage because when jumping I feel so free and dressage because it really helps my horse and it helps me as well
I do hunter jumpers I love it but I want to move into doing jumpers and eventually eventing
A little bit of everything but mostly barrels and hunter under saddle because those are the events that my horses enjoy the most!
Light bit of everything because I love it all😂
Eventing was one of my dreams and I have finally fulfilled my dream
Hunter jumpers , I used to do jumpers then moved barns 😐 I personally don't like the hunters bc of the show attire
Mostley dressage, occasionally jumping. What I really want to try is eventing!
Eventing, because crosscountry is the absolute best!!
Dressage, I love the perfection of it. And I do a bit of jumpers because I love the thrill that you get while jumping a new height or a different course.
Hunter jumpers, the thing I love about hunters is how beautiful it can look when done well! I also love the rush jumpers has to it and I've always wanted to try it!
Hunter jumpers, specifically jumpers. I do hunters and eq as well, but once I got a taste of jumpers, I never could get into eq as much!
I do dressage. There isn't a straight answer as to "why" but I just tried it and absolutely fell in love with the discipline.