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What do you feed your horse to bulk up? Supplements that help?

What do you feed your horse to bulk up? Supplements that help?
I order supplements from SmartPack
Alfalfa, tribute kalm ultra and the ration balancer essential k
Beer pulp, rice bran, step 8/ senior feed.
Try senior feeds with beet pulp. Even if they aren't old, senior gets weight on a horse really easily
Amplify helps. My mom has a horse who can't really keep weight and now he is fat and happy after being on amplify
Equine Omega
E-pro top line and TuffRock Conditioner! Both are really good for building up a horses top line, hind, and just general conditioning
Quality hay, purina strategy and SmartPaks. You want to feed the building blocks for muscles such as amino acids.
Senior feed with high fat content
I honestly give an extra meal with an added iron supplement as well as Coco Soya after a good ride, an extra grazing time. It's worked well so far, I've noticed a lot of muscle gain since!
Beet pulp and nutrena safe choice original horse feed
I use a mix of Tribute Kalm ultra and tribute kalm n ez textured. This has really helped my horse out on weight and muscle with training
Brewers yeast, best quality hay you can get your hands on and a slice or two if alfalfa a day. Quality not quantity.
Dodson&Horrell "build and glow" and rice bran
Beat pulp with fit and fiber
I use Hanley formula, great for muscle growth!!
I feed the triple crown f