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What can you do the night before a show to calm your nerves?

What can you do the night before a show to calm your nerves?
You can do some yoga with your horse, on the ground or in the saddle. That's what I teach with my equiYoga method "eYo". You can have a look at it there : or you can follow my "eYo" Facebook page called "equiYoga".
Just accept that you are going to do you're best and that may or may not win you a ribbon. Also I listen to music and motivational videos! Search "equestrian motivation" on YouTube
One thing that I always do to take away from the show nerves is listen to music because it makes it so your not thinking about the show and instead the music.
hi jenna!
i always have had an issue w show nerves, but what i try to do is be prepared for the show (packed and ready to go) & i always get massages or acupuncture to relax my body before the show. getting a full night's rest is important for your success in the show ring, & go back & review all the critiques you've ever been given so you can fix them @ the show.
Hey Jenna, I usually try to go to bed early to have a good night's sleep, and I prepare all my equipment the day before.
Watching a movie can also help me to clear my head :) I also try to repeat to myself that I compete in horse show to have fun above all
I like to watch my old training and show videos in which I've ridden really good to show me that I'm able to do it as I have done it before and/or watch my favorite professionals to ride :)