Do you have any suggestions for a good jumpers belt and gloves?

hunt club has great belts and roeckl gloves are amazing
i use novle outfitter gloves and like them
Samshield or Roeckl gloves
C4 are always going to be my favorite. I also do love Ruespari belts like someone else mentioned!
Check out Ruespari belts. Fun colors and they're stretchy.
I really like the roeckl gloves. They fit my hand really well and you can still use your phone with them on.
Hermes H belt and Sam shield gloves
any belt really works for the jumpers, it doesn't matter what brand/color. some of my favs are the tailored sportsman belts, c4 belts, tory leather belts, & the ariat spur belt! i wear roeckl and samshield gloves in the show rings, for both jumpers & eq/hunters.
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