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What do you guys feed your horses?

What do you guys feed your horses?
The old man gets a quart of senior feed (Dumor) and a cup of rice bran plus his smartpaks (cortaflax, electrolytes, hoof supplement, and bug off). The laminitis-prone horse gets a quart of mixed timothy pellets and ration balancer plus smartpaks (electrolytes and cortaflex), and my horse gets two quarts of dumor equistages and smartpaks (electrolytes, bug off). My guy also gets 3 flakes of rye hay with each feeding and the other two are on good pasture so don't get hay unless they're inside, and if they're in they get bermuda.
I feed mine a scoop of Triple Crown Senior twice a day. He gets the Smart Pak Calm Pellets, SmartPak hoof supplement, Apple A Day Electrolytes, rice bran, and vitamins. Also 5-6 flakes of Timothy.
Sweet feed
In my stable is only Saracen fooder 😉
Poultin E-TEC One
Producers Pride 12% pellet, alfalfa pellets, and Bermuda hay.
Alfalfa hay and 12% pellet grain.
Oats, Barley, Sunflower seeds, Chia Seeds, Soaked beet Pulp and Soaked Hay Pellets and Timothy Hay.
Purina Staregy, Timothy hay, flax and mare magic.
And hay and daily dewormer
Nutrena Safe Choice Performance
Other than alfalfa and hay I give my horses equine senior and lots of treats. For my older horse (he's 27 years old) I give him a supplement that my trainer makes for arthritis
Beet Pulp, roughage chunks, flax,
Purina equine senior, and chopped hay. His supplements are fast track and buteless
Bermuda blend, alfalfa, alfalfa pellets, strategy GX with SmartPak and oil.