i have been riding a pony for a few months now and we have made a lot of progress but i was wondering if there was and exercises or something i could do to build trust between us

Grooming and lunging are quite good because with lunging she gets used to listening to your voice
Any time spent with your horse is considered bonding and building trust as long as you aren't harming them.

So you could do
-liberty/joint up
-groom or bathe your horse but not fast, take your time, take an hour even
-take them on a walk, just as if they were a dog, horse are very curious animals and live seeing new things especially when they are with their owner, even a walk around the barn is effective
-grab a lunch/snack/book and just sit by your horses stall while you eat or read. You just sitting there not doing anything shows that you aren't there to always work or to harm them. Obviously don't ignore them, pet him and talk to him.

These are some of the things I did with my horse when I fell off and broke my back, couldn't ride for 6 months and I did this so that I could spend time with him and keep our bond
Hold rein one hand and use all leg and let them go where ever they really want or bare back
Try using a tarp to help it trust you to guide it
Join up!!
Lunging, bareback and liberty work!!
Ride bareback!
Do join up!
Join up and liberty. Ive done both with my gelding and he follows me everywhere
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