Does anyone have any ideas for getting a horse to accept the bit

OOPS!, I thought you were asking how to get your horse on the bit while riding, EEK, I agree with everyone else who has answered giving them a treat while practicing putting ij the bit will help
Molasses and or honey works wonders! Also when I broke my 3 year old I would just practice putting the bit in and taking it out over and over and later on I'd put the bridle on and let him stand tied to the rail for a few hours with the bit in his mouth so he got used to it on his own later on work him with the bit in his mouth and ect. Don't be pushy or you'll have a horse with severe bit problems. Hope it helps:)
Make sure the bit your using is a bit that said horse goes well in, if they like the bit they will accept it. Also lots of circle work and getting the horse to bend helps get them in your hands and accepting
Ive known people to coat them in molasses or hold pepermints in their hands behind the bit
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