ASK Horsia : What is the process for the cremation of a horse?

I heard this process is super expensive. Anyone know how much roughly?

You can contact our Horsia team even if your horse is in good health to prepare the documents.

When the death of your horse will come, Horsia will send a cremation agreement to your veterinarian.
When we will receive his signature, we will activate the procedure and will send a Horsia agent equipped with a special van to bring the body to our cremation center (within a maximum delay of 48 hours after the death).

The cremation is collective : your horse will be incinerate with other pets (only cats and dogs) and we will send you symbolic ashes of your horse.
An individual cremation is also possible : your horse will be incinerate alone and you can get all the ashes back.

For information, the service is only available in France for the moment.

Best regards
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