I have trouble seeing my spots.... any tips?

Do lots of poles to help you see distances- the more you do it the better you'll get
Maybe try looking rather than at the fence as a whole a tiny crack in the wood or a bid poo on it or a nail or something and count your strides alloud, this will help you get the feeling for your horses striding and where they're gonna take off
Hi Reagan,
When looking for your spots, it really helps to get in a rhythm and always count even if you are going towards a single. Try to "melt" because if you are stiff and get a long spot for example, you will get left behind instead of recovering
Haha that's ok. I mean seeing a distance to a fence:) sorry to confuse you Taylor
Look up, if you look down on the floor it would be harder to see your distance so just look up and straight ahead
Taylor I think Reagan means "seeing a distance" to a fence
What do you mean "spots?" Lol sorry I just need to know:)
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