I've been around horses all my life, know how to take care of them, tack them, etc, but i started riding last year. I'm thinking of getting an experienced horse, thoughts?

You should lease and get used to that so you can get the experience before actually doing it
Sounds a good plan
Thanks guys! I think I might try leasing a horse first. I can see the reasoning behind it. Wish me luck 💜💜
Then maybe just try leasing a horse for a while and then get a horse 😋
When i said an experienced horse, I meant like an old one that would be calm and I could keep practicing my trotting, canter, and position on the horse. Like I wouldn't be jumping 1 m
In my opinion I think you should try riding different and more difficult horses, start competing and also if you can, lease a horse so you can know the responsibility of owning a horse.😁❤️
I wouldn't get too experienced a horse becasuse even though you've looked after them your whole life you've still only been riding a year, especially if you're gonna be sharing with your younger sister. There's nothing worse than having a horse that's too much for you. So I'd avoid any young horses or hot horses. You're probably best buying something around 10years old that's been there and seen it all but not too feisty!
I'd be sharing with my younger sister (I'm 17, she's 13)
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