Best cowboy/work boots for everyday use that will last for mainly outside of riding? I care for 60 head then go ride and care for my 4 so they need to be able to handle it everyday

Ariat!! I wear them everyday when I take care of my horses and ride and they still look nice enough to show in!
Justin!!! Less expensive but last forever!'
I love my cinch boots. They are fantastic and great quality also super comfy for my flat feet!
I usually go through at least 1 pair of boots a year, and the only ones I've found that have lasted longer are my Original SWAT's. They're not your typical work boots, but they're really comfy, very waterproof, and super durable. I work at a TB farm and the composite toe has saved my feet more than once from a careless horse, lol.
Justin boots
Ariat! I have a pair and theyve lasted me a few years and I wear them almost everyday and I'm constantly working in them!
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