I am in 4-h and I do classes with my horse. I also like to do the horse less horse project. Does any one have any ideas on what my project should be about?

There are a lot of things you could choose! Trailering safety, deworming tips, emergency wound care (like what to do before the vet gets there), safe fencing options (I did this one), how to find and fix up horse show clothing on a budget (did this one too), the history of your favorite discipline (did this topic for the method demo/speech contest & won state), any new medical breakthroughs, and a bunch more. I hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck!
I do horseless horse as well. My board (I'm not sure which level you're on) was about different types of feeds and their functions. A lot of people also do boards on colic. Hope this helped. 😊🐴
I don't know the standards I just know it has to be about horses. I was going to do how to tell if your horse is pregnant and what to be looking for. But my friend is already doing that.
What are the project standards??
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