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Tips on pulling a mane and body clipping your horse

Tips on pulling a mane and body clipping your horse
@notsobad how do i cut his mane with scissors? i don't want to accidentally cut him and I've never cut his mane with scissors before. he's just a big baby that tries to act like its hurting him to get out of it when its not hurting him he does not listen.
don't clip your horses legs unless they don't go out frequently.Without the hair thy can get mud fever more easily and they fluff helps them warm and protected. Be honest, do they need all their fluff that is keeping them warm off? How much do they get worked?? if they get very sweaty every day do a full clip. I they only need the neck and tummy doing then opt for and trace or blanket. IF they are out I would personally keep full face or half face on. Any more questions I'm free to be asked
If your horse is sensitive around neck area I would cut mane with scissors instead or use special blades to thin it.
Clipping wise:
- Bath horse a day or two before clipping. You will get rid of grease and dirt and it will massively help blades to go through coat.
- Watch teperature of clippers/blades. Check them every 10 mins to prevent skin burn.
- Oil clippers/blades every 10 mins or as frequently as required
- Hot towel your horse after clip. Use a dash of white vinegar in warm water. It will help to get rid of tiny itchy hair and calm sensitive skin.

Overalls are helpful to keep the flying hairs off your clothes! A face mask for preference.
I've found using medical gloves gives grip of you want to pull the main with your hands (as well as a comb) but if found some horses like this better! :)
Dont pull the entire mane at once. Haha. Start a couple days early.
When clipping I normally use chalk to draw the outline, it helps keep it straight and even on both sides!