Which do you prefer for the show pen, knee patch or full seat breeches? Why?

Full seats
Knee patch
i show eq and hunters so knee patch for me
Full, i feel more in the saddle :D
Knee patch for hunter/jumpers and full seats for dressage
I much prefer full seat breeches, I just feel more comfortable and secure. I ride dressage so I have the option but if you were in hunters and equitation you wouldn't have the choice. I believe you can wear them for jumpers.
Full seat but I ride dressage
Knee patch, I do equitation and hunters, so I don't have the option to use full seat:)
Knee patch.
I like full seat breeches. Both are comfortable but sometimes the knee patches just bother me a bit because they are only on the knee. I find that full seat breeches have more grip and I think they just look better with tall boots! But it's really your preference what you pick.
Knee patch, full seat are just really uncomfortable for me personally.
Knee patch
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