How much does everything cost for a horse?
Such as farrier, vet bills etc. How much does it all cost a month usually even to board ?

Board can be between 300 to 600, vet bill around 100, farrier between 30 and 70, lessons depend on the place and how long you're going to be riding
My board is 400 a month. My board includes his feed and hay.
My vet bill is about $120-150
Farrier is normally $110-120 for clipping and front shoes.
I spend about 200 or more on local shows including trailering, clipping, and training for the day.
Lessons are $45 each, and I normally lesson once a week.
I spend normally about 8,000 a month on all the neccesities including shows, board, feed, vet and farrier bills.
i ride @ a show barn in the northeast (which makes everything 10x more expensive). my board is $2000 a month (at my old barn it was $2900!!!) and pay $65 a lesson, which i do three times a week. my farrier is $350 a month for four shows w stud holes & stems. i've had bad experience w medical bills w my horses, they always end up sick somehow, but it rlly depends on your horse if they need injections, medications, etc. i show a lot and am always on the go w my horse, so i always have @ least five tubes of ulcergard on me ($45 each) and my horses just got injections this month, $500 each.

so overall for the month of june, i paid $2000 for board, $225 for medication, $3100 on vet provided medical care, & $350 on farrier expenses.
I keep my horses at home, and the cost of living is pretty low around here. I'll break down expenses:
Coggins/shots/floating once a year: About $400 per horse
Feet: $50 for a barefoot trim every 6 weeks, so about $430 a year without shoes (you may be able to find a cheaper farrier)
Feed: I pay about $15 a bag for my guy's regular pellet feed, and I have to get a new bag about twice a month, so $360 a year, plus supplements, which is about $40 a month, so $480 a year
Hay: I pay about $6 a bale for an average year, so half a bale per day in the winter months (November-February) and then a bale a week the rest of the year works out to about $550
So far we're up to $2200 for just the absolute basics. If you're boarding, you probably won't have to worry about hay though, which puts you at $1650 per year, or $138 a month.

Then let's factor in extra expenses. Boarding ranges from $200 to well over $800 every month. New tack every so often, probably going to be about $300-1000 a year depending on you and what you need. Extra vet and farrier expenses, I'd plan for minimum $500 a year. Let's say a once a week lesson at $30 per.
So if we take the absolute lowest end of all of that, we get: $4760 a year or $397 a month.

So total yearly costs if you're boarding at the cheapest end of everything: $6,410 a year or $534 a month.
It really all depend. Generally I spend about $1000 a month and I dont pay board.
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