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What exercises can I do when trying out a horse for the first time ?

What exercises can I do when trying out a horse for the first time ?
Just get a sense of what you like and how you feel with the horse. If your not clicking with them, then you're just not clicking and you can't force it. Your horse will find and you will know when it's the ri
make sure the horse is listening to you and that you are in full control in a walk, trot and canter. If the horse seems fine you should go over some small fences. :)
for trying eq horses i did lead changes, counter canter, and worked on adjusting stride. i also liked to do small courses realistic to how we would be showing.
Control and work on contact and make sure the horse is paying attention to you!
Definitely test the horse on a lunge line. The owner of my barn just bought a horse to realise he's not good on lunge line. Do a lot of transitions.
One thing that they do in germany is if you have a trainer let them ride the horse too because some horses work for one person but when the trainer gets on they arent good
Shortening a lengthening strides and do lot of transitions!
Depends what level the horse is at. If I was trying a green horse - walk,trot and canter both directions. Maybe pop over a fence or two.

If I was buying a going horse, walk,trot and canter both directions. Changes, laterals and fences.
First I would recommend working on the flat, walk around, to see how the horse is acting and give you a chance to get a feel. When you feel comfortable you can start trotting and after that canter. Then I would do big and small circles, transitions, some patterns, half-turns, serpentines, changes of direction, flying changes (if the horse does them). See how the horse react to these exercises. Actually there’s no need to make complicated, you just need to know if the horse makes you feel good. If you are ok on the flat and you are trying a horse to buy/lease in order to jump, you should then try jumping. Keep it simple, jump small, don’t jump higher than the horse can jump. Just remember to take your time and try to figure out if you feel right with the horse. :)
Hope this helped !