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Favorite breeds for jumping?

Favorite breeds for jumping?
My appendix is super calm at shows and a was a very fast learner to jumping and looks great jumping. Also warmbloods are good jumpers. But all horses are different😊
Selle Francais. The ideal horses for high level of show jumping
Throughbreds! They were built for endurance
Thoroughbred warmblood cross You might not be able to find it but is a great jumper with a calm temperament
Warmbloods for sure!
My gypsy vanner/qh cross pony! Gypsys will jump the moon and back for you without thinking twice.
Joining the odd one out crew with Thoroughbreds because they're more fun than Warmbloods 🙃🙃
Love my Belgium Warmblood and Tranckner
Holsteiners or Selle Francais 🎉
Warmbloods, hanovarions
Worn bloods and hanovarion
Dutch Warmbloods
Some hanoverians are amazing
Thoroughbreds, appendixes, warmblood/thoroughbred crosses!
TB's, and actually Appaloosas. Mine did 4 foot while he was still upside down and backwards in terms of muscling when I first got him and a lot of them have an awesome mind.
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