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Tips for barn drama?

Tips for barn drama?
I use this way at school & at the stable, but just be nice to everyone even if they are fake or two faced. Just try to stay out of it && keep to yourself ( I learned the hard way) if you hear something about keep it to your self, don't go around telling those things just make you look bad.
Omg I know how you feel, I recommend to be careful who you talk to/ make friends I would just be nice to everyone and if you think someone could be a threat don't talk to them or if your not into talking just don't talk to anyone like at all lol
Thanks guys!
Try to stay out of it! I know it's hard but just try to relax because YOU know what's try and what's not true!
Just blow it off. Dont get involved. And if its about you, just let it be. They look for you to get upset and say something
The best advice I can give you is to stay out of it!😂
Don't get involved because it's gonna end up really bad😂😂
Don't listen to any crap
Stay farrrrrrrr away
Stay out of it! Don't choose sides !