Do you groom in your stable or do you tie your horse up somewhere else?

Cross ties!! Never tie your horse up to something like a fence or anything if your horse spooks and pulls back he or she could sersiously get hurt-happens to my friend she horse and h cut up face and broke the fence!!
Tie up outside unless I haven't already mucked out. Don't want all the grooming mess going in a nice clean stable ;)
Ill groom in my stall or out by our arena if my trainer is giving lessons
On the crossties
I have a grooming area for my horses where they are also tacked up at
Usually cross tie but if the weather permits outside is awesome :)
I tie her up outside almost all the time
Outside when the weather is nice:)
I groom I my horses stall for the most part but if it's nice out side i tie him up out there and groom
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