My horse is 17 and we are currently doing the 3'3 jumpers. I want to move up to the 3'6 jumpers but I'm not sure if that is pushing her beyond her abilities consideriny her age. What do you think?

Hey Taylor my friends pony witch i ride for her jumped over 1.20 and he's 20 but it manly depends on what you think your horse can do!🏇🏻🦄
It depends on your horse's condition. My horse is 17 years old and he clears the 1.45m
It all depends if u think she can go for if not ask your vet or trainer. But don't push t and make your own decisions!
My 17 year old can still clear 1.40m fences, and jump out paddock when he wants to. So really depends on horse.
As long as you recognize the limiatations of your individual horse there is no reason why not. Mine just turned 17 and we've brought it down to 3'0 from 3'6 since he's begun to knock poked and show more stiffness after work. Every horse has different! There are plenty of maintenance options that can keep an older horse comfortable, just know that older horses may need more time and attention (longer warm ups and cool downs, etc) to keep them kickin
I personally wouldn't do it but you should consult a vet
17 isn't that old of an age. Every horse is different but I say go for it. You will be able ok tell if the horse likes it or not. But I would recommend more supplements especially when they age.
Id ask your vet to look at her legs and joints. My 28 y/o pony was jumping 2' without a problem before he was diagnosed with cataracts. Age doesnt necessarily mean they have to stop, it just means you have to be more careful.
I would get a vet to do workups (flex tests, bloodwork, etc.) and just be careful and keep up with conditioning work if you get the all-clear, but she's not that old :) Flexible's still jumping after all!
I think she's okay as long as she's had no previous injuries or health issues and you poultice wrap her every time you jump her at that height or work her harder than usual
Btw when we bought her she was 15 and showing 3'9.
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