Everytime i go up to a jump even just a cross rail my horse stops and spools then rears up and freaks out! Why is he doing this? He used to be a meter 30 jumper last year. Help!

Hey Marie, after hes been spooking quite a lot i have noticed my confidence has gone down alot! And your right hes a VERY sensitive horse! Ive been trotting and walking aver poles and small jumps with him and hes been thriving off that! He loves having someone right next to him! He isnt too fancy as he had a few years off and then was bought back into work for only a few months and was jumping very high but it could be somewhere in the back of my mind that im under pressure! Thanks so much for your help i really appreciate it!🐴
Hey i really love those ideas Maddie ill definitely give them a go thanks so much!
By any chance are you nervous? Or feeling under pressure to perform knowing that you're on a horse of this calibre? A very sensitive horse, which he seems to be, can pick up on this! If he is new he might need some time to settle and bond. In-hand work is perfect for this! Walking and trotting over poles with him could help! Generally a reaction like his stems from either fear or pain!
Maybe try laying poles down in his paddock? So he's around the them all the time? Or let him loose in the arena so he can check out the jumps on his own?
Hey maddy! He is not ridden at the same time and its always during the day without shadows! He is new and has been here for 3 weeks so could still be settling in! Although hes been here before. Thank you though!
Hey guys thank you! But the problem is hes freaking out at poles also!
I know going back to basics is always the last decision riders or trainers took because it took lot of time to reach that level, but is the Best thing. For example doing ground poles and simple gymnastics
I would suggest working with poles. This is always a fantastic way to set some more foundation work with your horse. Also, try doing bounces, there jumps that have no strides in between them. This is usually easy for horses to understand and a lot of them actually have fun doing them. You have to make sure he's enjoying his job and isn't afraid to jump.
Maybe go back to the very basics with trot poles and canter poles and put jump wings on the outsides. Could it be something spoiling him? Are you jumping him in the same direction and if so has anything int he view changed like a new building? Did he have an accident at all or a rider that pulled on his mouth? Maybe try free jumping him as well to see if it is the jump or the jump and rider combination? Also what time are you jumping him coz it could be shadows under the jump?
I agree with Grace Stanford
He might have some pain. Maybe get the vet to check him out for soreness and maybe get him some acupuncture that could help :)
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