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Does anyone here wear a body protecter vest?

Does anyone here wear a body protecter vest?
I don't wear one during lessons, but all the time on cross country courses.
Whenever I'm out on cross country
Yep all the time even when doing flat work! Better safe than sry!
I never ride with one!
Thanks guys! I wear mine all the time unless its really hot.
I don't ride with a protecter vest but I use to. Strangely I haven't fallen off a horse since I fell off a big horse with a vest. If you like riding with one you should but I personally don't.
Wear mine everytime I mount up. It's worth it price. Saved me from some serious injuries.
I ride in one whenever I jump.
As a rule of thumb, I usually wear one when riding horses under the age of 5, as they can still be extremely unpredictable.
I do it at my own discretion though. For example my horse is 4 but I only wear the vest when we are jumping big scary fillers.
Only when I do cross country! But if you feel safer in it than without, then most definitely use it!!
I do at the barn because my trainer says I have to but I don't wear it at shows
I do wear it sometimes but I don't need to (I don't unless my trainer tells me to or I'm doing cross country) and don't like to in the summer because it's so hot. You should wear it if you feel you need to for safety reasons though.