I'm trying to find a new bridle(online shopping). How should I know what size to get?How should I measure horse/what are bridles measured in? Also what brand do u like for bridles?

What breed and how tall is your horse?
I absolutly love PS of Sweden bridles, I bought one a couple months ago and they sent me a hole measuring guide to know the exact size for my mare. The disadvantage is that PS of Sweden bridles are a bit expensive.
You can email the company's and ask if their bridles run small etc.
I bought my horse an ovation bridle a couple months ago and I had ordered the oversized because I have a big warmblood. I got it and realized it was waaayyy too big, so I downsized to a horse. I tired that and it fit well, although it almost is too small for my horse. It really depends on the bridle because each bridle will fit differently. I definitely recommend Ovation and Pessoa bridles. I'm not sure how to measure, but just have to use your guessing skills.
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