Does anyone have any tips on how to get the horse on the bit?

Half halt and squeeze
If the horse keeps evading the bit, maybe try a Nathe bit? That's what I did with my horse-soft and comfortable it teaches them to accept the bit instead of fighting it.
Lots of transitions such as trot walk - walk trot, and canter trot - trot canter. Make sure it's always with impulsion in both gates (very important).
Your horse is not taking the bit because he is not using his back, let him push more from his hind legs and don't forget to keep him round around your inside leg and don't block your hands, let them be supple and able to follow the mouth of your horse.

Hope it helps !

Try gently pulling on one rein at time. Just nice and soft so as not to hurt or confuse them. Just keep doing this until they start licking and chewing. This is what I
Raise your hands up and pull lightly back and forth
Get a lesson
If your talking about keeping a connection, you could try having shorter reins with more leg.
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