I need tips for sitting deeper in the saddle especially during sitting trot because my horse has a super bouncy trot which makes me feel like I look so awkward.

Sitting more on your crutch than bum and making sure you aren't sitting in the back of the saddle or on the seat
Riding without stirrups helps and also just remember to sit back and sit up tall and keep those heels down! And maybe try to slow your horse down a bit so that way it might be a little easier, I had the same problem with my horse! You will eventually get it!
No stirrups, and many hours spent in the saddle. It'll come!!
Bareback or no stirrups
Try riding without stirrups. It will improve your balance and the connection between tou and your horse.
Riding without stirrups
I would suggest lengthening your stirrups and sitting back. Or ro
Try Lean back and get a lesson
Try riding without stirrups it would improve your balance too :))
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