I've always wanted to ride professionally and still do but I started riding when I was 13/14. Is this too old to begin a riding career? On a high level?

I started ridding at 17 and I've always been completely in love with horses. Now I'm my final year of school I habe to take a year break. Not at all you can join, do, complete anything it all depends on your drive and motivation.
I got told that the first time I was on a horse was @ 2 yrs old. But I didn't start properly riding till I was 10.
You're never too old to start riding
I've started at 35, it makes me feel a child again...
You're never too old to learn to ride. It all depends on the opportunity's you're gonna get and the quality of your lessons :)
Find the right trainer and the right horses and you wont have a problem at all
No you just might have to put in more wirk
I think that nobody should think there to old to do anything and it's a great age to start.
In my opinion no one is too old to make a career out of anything!
You are never too old to ride
Definitely not
I would go for 9 , 10 or 11 year old since they will be trained yet still abit fresh
Wow, and he's number one!
Kent Farrington started when he was 17 so your good
Absolutely not! There are many people who started riding when they were a bit older who were still successful! You're never too old to start!
Your never too old to achieve your dream!
Nooooo way, if you want riding as your career you will have to work you and your own horses butt off ( you will have to lease or own and horse, i recommend to own) you will have to compete at shows ALOT and win ALOT, you will have to get your name around by doing lots of lessons and all the jazz but I believe if you strive you can do it👍👍
You're never to old to start!
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