I am looking for a new dressage saddle, any suggestions of good brands?

Voltaire :)
I use Black Country but whatever saddle that fits you and your horse the best. In my opinion wool flocked saddles are better because they can be altered and fitted to your horses back should he change at all(he gets fitter and loses weight or it's winter and he gains weight) or even if you get a new horse with a similar back.
I use a PDS Grande; love the saddle, it's the best I've had, but there are many different brands. It's a question of trying them out and seeing which one fits the best
My suggestion is to try and ride with as many drss saddle as you can. Evry model puts you in a different position. You have to find the right one for the horse but Also feel confortable in it.
I use a PDS and love it
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