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My horse has so much energy but refuses to get it out until I ride what can I do??

My horse has so much energy but refuses to get it out until I ride what can I do??
Try supplements
try lunging
I own an extremely hot Thoroughbred mare and we took her off grain as it was making her too worked up and I lunge her anywhere from between 10 minutes to 30. There's no perfect fix and you just have to work on it
My horse was like yours, now I ride twice a day plus paddock every single day. But mine had so much energy and he didn't know to do with that... I guess I only have to keep him busy all day
Lunging with tack (besides the bridle/reins) might be a good idea. Also try and make sure he gets out into a pasture for an hour or two at least a few times a week. In the morning before you ride might be a good idea. Also, before doing any technical work like jumping or poles or even advanced flat work, giving him/her a good few rounds of canter and a walk rest each way might help!
If he's getting fed I'd suggest changing to a low starch, high fibre feed! It helps tone down fizziness!
My gelding was crazy, and then I figured out it was the oats I was giving him. If you're wondering what to do with his energy when you ride, get his mind to work. Trot poles, figure eights, serpentine's, lateral work, cause the horse to use his/her mind and think about what their doing with their feet. Some people try to lunge out the energy before the ride, but I've learned to use that energy. You can get some amazing work done. Don't try to canter and canter and canter until their exhausted. That creates a horse who doesn't want to be ridden.
Try putting all your tack on, but make sure the your reins are up safely so s/he can't step on them ,then use a lung whip to let him/her running around, if that doesn't work check the feed tour giving him and consult a vet or dietitian, and if that still dose nothing it may be a behavior issue in this case you can talk to a trainer on someone on horse a lot orrrrrr it could be a bone/muscle issue like my friends horse hand, it made him all energetic and naughty, if this is the case call an equine chiropractor👍👍 hope this helps
Maybe lunging him before you ride might help. If he is lazy when you ling him keep encouraging and pushing him forward with the whip until he starts moving forward. Once you get on if he gets quick on you try ten meter circles to slow him down. Every time he gets fast do another small circle