Favorite brands of show jackets? (I prefer the lighter proair fabric and tech jackets) I show in Hunter and Equtation!

Charles Ancona, Equiline, and Animo!
Charles Ancona!! But their cost an arm and a leg....
Alessandro albanese came out with a mesh show jacket!
I love my Animo jacket!
I really love my RJ Classics jacket!
I prefer the tredstep jacket because of the material and it keeps you really cool
the ariat coats are super breathable! and not too pricey either!
I love the grandprix tech lite and one and the sport cut italian version (though a bit pricier). I will try and find the name of it for you but they are amazingly breathable and comfy while looking very hunter-ring appropriate
Hello Ansley,

I highly recommend trying Equiline and Animo show jackets. However, they don't have the pro-air or tech jackets you are looking for but, they are extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear on hot summer days. If you don't have the budget or don't want an expensive show coat, I would recommend trying Grand Prix. They have all different types of jackets like the pro-air and tech jackets you are looking for.
Hope this helps!
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