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Does anyone have any tips on bathing grey (white) horses?

Does anyone have any tips on bathing grey (white) horses?
Yes I have 2 (lord help me) I use main and tail and I usually do a soap down about 3 or 4 times 😅 There's also this purple soap but I haven't been able to find it in my local stores
Thanks everyone for those very helpful answers!!
I use palmolive soft hand on mine because they are like 3$ a bottle and I go through so much
Lots of whitening spray and purple shampoo. Even human or dog shampoo works as well as a spray that helps remove stains quickly
With your tears
I agree with the other comments about shampoo, but I've also found Cowboy magic green spot remover to be really effective for last minute clean ups.
Purple shampoo is great but it takes a while so if you do it the night before a show keeping them clean is tricky. I would invest in a Rambo DustBuster sheet. They are tight blankets that keep them clean and almost buff their coat and leave them shinier the next day. They are a little expensive but really worth it and they hold up really well
Lucky Braids shampoo and enzyme whitener spray. A bit more $ than the other suggestions but they work really well. Developed by a long time groom. Great customer service. Check out their website for more info
Use a purple or whitening shampoo, and bathe as late as possible the night before the show to prevent your horse from getting too dusty and dirty. You can also put a sheet on your horse and make sure the stall is clean before putting the horse in it. Hope this helps!
I had a dapple grey and we used to wash him in normal soap and then purple soap, the purple one works miricles! Use a brush to get the soap all the way down and also with the purple one make sure you rinse it our fully and don't leave it on too long (it will stain their coat purple so maybe first time you use it just try the tail
I have 2 greys I just use your average main n tail shampoo but I've heard about this purple soap that I guess helps but I've never used it
Quick silver
I definitely agree, quick silver works wonders. My mare has one white sock and I always use this stuff to get it sparkling clean.
I like to use green fairy liquid, purple shampoo or shampoo for silver hair
definitely sooooo much quick silver or any purple shampoo!
Quick silver or vetrolin bright'n white trust me I am a groom for a grey horse these things work like magic