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What are good riding boots?

What are good riding boots?
Parlantis hold up nicely but if you're looking for a cheaper option, go with Ariat
I really like the look of the Franco Tucci boots. You can make the way you want but I'm not sure how much they cost.
Ariat are hood schooling boots
I really like the Bergamo ones from Felix Buhler
i school in tredstep medicis and show in either parlantis or f.lli fabbris.
Ariat contours
Dublin or ariat
Ariat are excellent! Cheaper but also give you quite a few options to find the best ones for you!! Price range differs so perfect for someone not wanting to spend a lot of 💸💸 but also have higher end styles and cuts that are a bit pricier.
DeNiro!!! All the way!!! Durable and comfortable while not breaking the bank.
Tall boot wise, I'm in love with my tredstep donatello II's
Ariats!! All they way!! You can get the tall ones if you are doing showing or riding more. But I'd recommend the paddock boots with chaps.
I really love Tonics but they are a bit more expensive that others. Otherwise Dublins are really good too
Some good ones that are cheaper are Dublins but if you are willing to pay more I'd go for a pair of Ariats