Any really good detangalers that really work? I just bought 2 horses about 2 months ago and there mains were not brushed for like a telemarketing at there old home.

Cowboy magic
Showsheen is the best!!
Cowboy Magic is one of the best products I've ever used! It is amazing for getting out big mats or tangles.
I've always used ShowSheen which is good but now I bought the Stubben one and i like it even more! It makes mane and tail super soft and keeps them detangled
Manely!!!!! Look it up online it works wonders!!!!
No more knots or no knots, same brand as pro plaits
Absorbine show sheen and NRG no nots are both fantastic 😊
Showsheen or Mane&Tail😊
cowboy magic
i like my mane and tail detangler
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