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Is $80 too expensive for an hour private lesson?

Is $80 too expensive for an hour private lesson?
Yes it is I Pay $50 but sometimes it depends who is the trainer And there experience
For a private lesson at my barn it's 85$. It depends where you live.
@ my old barn i paid $80 for a one hr lesson, if it happened to be private, it was still $80, but if it became a group, it would be $80. at my current barn i pay $65 for either a .5hr private, 45min semi, or 1hr - 1hr30min group (depends how big the group is). that is w my main trainer. when my main trainer goes to the shows that i dont go to, the barn manager teaches lessons and his are $45, same policy as above.
Yes! Way to expensive for a basic lesson
I forgot to add that this is for a very beginner lesson just learnin the basics of riding
I've paid that and more before, totally normal in my area
It's a bit high priced. I pay $40 p/h for my private lessons, and I might be willing to pay more but it depends on how good the trainer is. And if you feel like your making progress. If you feel that your trainer isn't working to help you understand and learn to ride properly then I would definitely search for a new trainer. Especially if your paying that much
Yes mine our only 30-40 dollars
depends on trainer, I would say that normal as mine are $75, but depends on your level and what you are learning.
Yes. I pay $40/hour private lessons for a fantastic trainer!
Depends on the coach.
It depends who's the coach! If this coach is very successful and is amazing and you feel that that coach best suits you and they're coaching you the way you want to be coached then I think it's okay to pay that if you're really benefiting. I wouldn't pay that unless I found a coach that was 100% worth that money.
As everyone's saying, it's a bit much. It's certainly on the expensive side of private lessons, but if you were to compare it to clinic prices, it's super cheap. Who is the instructor, do they often give clinics?
Well it kind of depends on the instructor and what they will tech you, but I pay $70 for 2 lessons. It totally depends 😊
I'd say do but if your trainer is reallyyy good then sure! But personally I would not pay that
Depends on the trainer! If the trainer focus on you instead of his or her phone or talking to other people, then I would say yes!
Depends on who's your instructor!
i'd say so! I do $50 for an hour/private lesson
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