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Is $80 too expensive for an hour private lesson?

Is $80 too expensive for an hour private lesson?
Depends on the quality of the trainer and the lesson. ;-)
It depends on what your doing. If your doing jumping at a higher level I think it's a great price, but if your a beginner the price is a little high.
Depends on the disapline and level
I pay 150$ that's great actually
It depends on your level and how far you want to go in ridding and how much you you want to puch your self to be better
Yes, it should be around $45-$50
Depends on where you ride, I pay around $60
Yeah I pay 60
I pay $80 and that's standard price for most coaches in Sydney, some I've had before have been $90 - $100
Depends on their qualifications and how good they are I suppose
I get 1 hour lessons for $45
What currency and probably no
No my private lessons are $165
I used to get a half hour private showjumping lesson for €22 so YES
Honestly it depends on your leve land what you need and then the experience of the trainer teaching you.
That's cheap haha! I used to get lessons with someone who was $80 for 30 minutes!
Yes it is I Pay $50 but sometimes it depends who is the trainer And there experience