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How do you lunge a horse?

How do you lunge a horse?
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Hello Quin,
Use an enclosed space for lunging(pasture or arena). Be sure that the footing is safe for your horse throughout the ring and that you can make a circle that is at least twenty meters in diameter. Do not work the horse on a super tight circle for an extended period of time, as it can cause damage to their legs. Position yourself in the center of the ring, and, if you're lungeing to the left, hold the lunge rein in your left hand and your whip in your right hand. Grasp the lunge line and
carry the whip pointing slightly behind the horse and pointing down when not using it. Control the horse's speed and pace with voice aids or clicking your tongue, using commands such as "stand", “walk on”, etc. Ask for more forward action by bringing the lunge line slightly forward and ‘squeezing’ the horse with the whip by bringing it up and closer to the hind quarters. To slow the horse, bring the lunge line back slightly, let the whip point down and slightly away. Do not pull back on the lunge, just add more contact and release immediatley when your horse obeys. To stop the horse, ask the horse to slow and also point the whip in front of the horse. You can also do this to slow a horse if they refuse to slow down. Whip-shy horses may be affected oppositley, so be careful. Hope this helps! :)