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What is a good color on gray?

What is a good color on gray?
Any brighter colors, especially teal or yellow, or maroon look gorgeous.
Maroon. Personally I love a nice jewel tone blue on my grey
Warm colours
Red !!!
Everything suits a grey!!
i use brown everything and it turns out great Xx
Deep purple, maroon, and hunter green!
Thank you everyone!🙂
Any color tbh, but I especially like navy blue, burgundy, hunter green, black, white, and dark grey :)
I love purple on greys.
Mint green
if you want to stay classic, i would stick with navy or hunter green. for something a little more out there, light blue is really pretty!
royal blue or turquoise
I think all right colors look good( blue, green, yellow, etc.) and dark colors too( maroon, dark purple, black, etc.)
I put purple on my gray. And he looked cute in it.
I would definitely choose red as it really stands out against the grey of the horse's coat, but the blue is nice as well. They both really pop out.
Light blue!!
I always found red beautiful on gray horses, gives them a pop of color.
Dark colors like black, navy, burgundy, hunter green