I'm finding my horse trips a lot? Not always while trotting but mostly in canter. She looses her footing quite easily. Her feet are regularly trimmed, and it's even while collected

Also, you should check her with a farrier to see if anything is wrong. Don't forget to check your own confidence. Sometimes when the rider's confidence falters, the horse's confidence will lack, too, lowering your performance level.
Hi, Savanna,
The key is to get your horse to raise it's legs. So your solution is to do lots of canter poles and cavalettis. Going over cavalettis and ground poles as a daily/weekly exercise (whenever you ride) will teach your horse to raise it's legs, wether it be training to jump or because, like you said, your horse trips. This will improve your horse's footing.
I hope this helped:)
Maybe try cantering over poles and trotting over poles so she has to think about her feet and where they are. Also ride on a flat surface maybe or if you ride on grass try sand and vica versa. Also I had a horse that would trip on flat surfaces but if you were riding in an area that has slight rises he wouldn't trip
I had a horse that had that problem. We never quite fixed it, but we did remedy it a fair bit by having the farrier roll her toes on her rear hooves (she was barefoot) and we really worked on collecting. Part of her problem was that she got so strung out that she'd catch her front heel with a back hoof and send herself, and me, flying.
Sometimes horses trip because they are lazy or distracted. If this is the case, when your horse is getting lazy trot or canter them in a small circle to grab their attention.
I haven't tried glue on shoes for a tripping horse but that sounds like it may help.
Try glue on shoes, they really helped my horse with tripping.
Shoes aren't going to really help that. It's most likely just your actual horse. Sometimes they get lazy or tired and do this. I'd recommend trying to add leg. Its not something you can really fix, some horses are just clumsy.
Get shoes ¿?
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