HELP::: I'm new to jumping, any tips on how to remember the course patterns? They look so confusing to me and I don't know how I'll ever remember them!!

If you look at a jump think of something to remind you for example a yellow and black jump followed by a orange and white jump could remind you of a bee chasing a tiger. I find it works well for me
Say it out lo
You visualise yourself doing the course. When you memeorize your course also remember which way to turn once you lanfw
I usually just draw the course in the air with my fingers 🙄.
During the lesson while I am riding I walk the course with my horse. Then ride to the entrance of the arena and stay there while drawing the course with my fingers in the air and counting the jumps. For example:
(1) green ;then turn left (2)red; then diagonal (3)blue ; then turn right ... etc..
I say it loud and draw the course with the finger and follow the track that I would ride.
Look at the colors of the jump and remember then
Just review and tell yourself you know it. I'm super OCD about my courses so I go over it at the arena 2-4 times
I've found that I really need to visualize what the course is going to look like while I'm riding it, seeing it from the directions that you'll see it when you ride. And repeats repeat, repeat. Good luckN
Thank you everyone! 😊
Remember the colours of the jumps! I find that relaly helps being one is an oxer with the orange dazzle board and 2 is the sailing boats etc. also think of it as a dressage test, where your entry and exit will be and maybe say the jump number a short you go over it. Also look at the next jump while you are over the top of the previous one eg going over 5 and look left to jump 6 so your horse gets the right lead and knows where you're going
@rachel D
There is one called jump off. You can put in different kinds of jumps and can simulate it I'm pretty sure. However, I will say I don't have it personally but have been thinking about getting it.
What is the name of the app?
Visuals are always good. There is actually an app you can get on your phone that will help you memorize patterns.
Walk the course and look for landmarks, plan to arrive at your class early so that you can go over the course last-minute with your trainer, and visualize. You can also draw the course/ take a picture of the course map so that you can study it at your trailer. Go over it until you have the course memorized🙂 Hope this helps
Go over them with your trainer. If you have a white board or chalk board (paper works too) write down the course and go over it over and over. Then set up objects in a large room where the jumps would be. You can kinda walk through the "jumps" and visualize what your ride is going to be like.
I walk the course a few times and comw up with funny names for the jumps. Sounds silly but it works for me!
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