I'm gonna start trying for horses for the first time. But I hate being watched! I get so nervous and ride badly Because of It! Am I the only one? Help please? 😂

Sorry I didn't see someone answered. Thank you for the tips ❤️❤️
I actually tried my first horse not too long ago and I ha e the EXACT same feeling. I bought this horse from a show barn as well. Not been riding since August didn't make ANYTHING better. But when I was honest about this and told them, had a good communication with then they understood and they that they were there to help me connect with this horse that they were showing me. I ended up buying the horse! Took him home yesterday. It'll go great! Good luck ❤
Hello Kristina! No, you definitely are not the only one. My biggest tip is to just ride the horse as if nobody is there and just picture yourself, the horse and the ring. I used this tactic when I tried horses myself. Also, make sure to talk to the people before hand and get to know them. The more comfortable you are with them, the easier it will be on you!!
Have fun!
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